"Communicating courageously and compassionately is the essence of transforming how we do business, whatever the endeavor. Decide who you want to BE."

- Denise Spatafora
Founder, Be Clear Inc.

Denise Spatafora, founder of BeClear Inc. is a renowned business strategist and published author. Since 1997, Denise has implemented the BeClear Method with CEOs, chairmen, boards, universities, entrepreneurs, teams, venture capitalists and companies around the globe. She has received national acclaim in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Vogue, and NBC’s Today Show.

Highly adept at conflict resolution, Spatafora has also been leveraged by many institutions to facilitate mutually positive outcomes, including serving as part of group mediation in Ireland with Protestants and Catholics.

Venture Capital and private equity firms partner with Spatafora for her ability to ensure the success of their companies, align teams and boards, help develop their leaders and create frictionless cultures arming them to innovate.

Since 2013, Spatafora has parlayed her work with leaders and business success with companies such as Google, Chanel, The Wall Street Journal, Conde Nast, The Onion, Ogilvy& Mather, the RAND Corporation, YPO and Venture Capitalists to create and teach an innovative and entrepreneurial curriculum at UCLA.

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