About Us

Denise Spatafora is the founder of BeClear Inc., a global cognitive leadership development company.  She is renowned for her transformative, strategic work with CEOs, start-ups, VCs and private and public companies using her BeClear Method. The proven methodology ensures a company’s success including team alignment and frictionless cultures. Spatafora’s clients include Google, Lionsgate, WSJ, Chanel, Staples, RAND & GreyCroft Venture Capital.

Spatafora developed the BeClear Method through a wealth of practical experience, her background as a serial entrepreneur – launching her first company at age 23 in NYC; as well as her conflict resolution in leadership successions and her mediation activities in Northern Ireland’s notorious sectarian violence. Her work includes scores of customized off-sites, working with CEOs and their teams to develop strategic road maps ensuring results including identifying detrimental dynamics while evolving intra-group communications and creative collaboration.

Spatafora and BeClear have received acclaim from such media titans as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Vogue and NBC’s Today Show. A published author, she also parlayed the BeClear Method to create and teach an innovative entrepreneurial curriculum at UCLA.  

A virtual, AI incarnation of the BeClear Method, Cognitive Leadership Development Digital Platform is currently in development; providing access for a wide range of the talent within companies to realize full their leadership potential.