president & ceo, the Onion

“I hired BeClear at a pivotal time in the evolution of our company… The work BeClear did with me as CEO, as well as the assessment with my top management team, helped us manage our way through that change. Their advice was invaluable.”


SVP, Chanel

“The journey of working with the BeClear method is all about true clarity: who you are, what you want to be, and how you are going to get there.“



“Denise has a unique power to understand what makes leaders and their organizations tick and applies that understanding in ways that challenge your thinking and habits. I found her insights and the BeClear Method to really open my mind to new possibilities and it’s served me well ever since.”

Anna Robertson

Emmy® Award-Winning TV Producer

“BeClear created an off-site experience that was extremely productive, deeply impactful, and exceeded my expectations. BeClear helped us address long-standing roadblocks by doing real time conflict resolution and offering tools for better communication and collaboration. I would enthusiastically recommend BeClear and their approach to other companies and leaders.”

John Morning

Writer & producer

“Warning, this not a formula; not a fill in the blanks dogma. Using the BeClear Method teaches you to look deep inside yourself— past and present—and find your own effective solutions to the dilemmas you face. Denise Spatafora’s BeClear method is a treasure map, where YOU get to determine where the X marks the spot, showing you how to find it…but the treasure is all yours.

Courtney Tuckman

sr. account executive, google

“Working with Denise was like co-writing a story in which you’re the protagonist. Denise helps show you the way to be a hero in your own story. Not only is writing the story fun, but Denise shines a light on possibilities that you didn’t think of, ways to overcome challenges that you didn’t see before and helps to open up new and novel ways to create a meaningful and fulfilling life/work path.”

Neal Goldman

Founder, Capital IQ

“Denise has exceptional abilities to surface the underlying issues of people’s positions and perspectives, enabling team members to best understand each other and reach common ground. BeClear has proven extremely valuable for us and, as evidence of the value I feel she has delivered, have recommended her to well over a dozen friends. Denise, you made me work very hard. I am forever grateful.”


Partner, Morris, Yorn, Barnes, Levine, Krintzman, Rubenstein, Kohner, & Gellman PC

“Denise is kind, sensitive, has incredible intuition and feeling for the human condition. Her manner and life experience reassure you that you are being guided by someone who has “real life” success and experience as well as a balanced personal and spiritual life, all of which make her credible and trustworthy.”

RALPH J. Sutton

Director, Credit Suisse

“The BeClear method is an astonishing combination of wisdom and business grittiness that helped me see the “goal,” the roadblocks I erect to those goals, and the path to my own effectiveness in the world.”

Guy Nohra

Co-Founder, Alta Partners/ Life Sciences Venture Capital

“Denise has deep insights and is amazingly clairvoyant.  There is no off track with her BeClear process. Everything is relevant. She also has intellectual stamina. She can determine the mood in a room very quickly and will move to align all stakeholders. Up and down the hierarchy. I feel I know so much more about myself and where I want to go next than I ever could have discovered on my own. The investment is well worth it.

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