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A cognitive leadership development company that gives organizations the tools and clarity to inspire fearless leadership and bold creativity.

Unlocking the Power to Lead

Founded by Denise Spatafora, BeClear is a proven process for individuals within organizations to cultivate leadership skills and increase emotional intelligence while addressing the challenges and patterns of behavior that hinder growth, collaboration, and creativity.

Clients & Partners

BeClear Inc.’s clients and partners include Wavemaker, Staples, UCLA, The Wall Street Journal, Condé Nast, Yahoo! Studios, The Onion, Chanel, Wired, the BBC, Ogilvy, RAND, Citibank, Google, and more.

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Global cognitive leadership development.

BeClear Founder Denise Spatafora is renowned for her transformative, strategic work with CEOs, start-ups, VCs and private and public companies. The proven BeClear methodology ensures a company’s success by stressing team alignment and creating a frictionless culture. Spatafora’s clients include Google, Lionsgate, WSJ, Chanel, Staples, RAND & GreyCroft Venture Capital.

Spatafora developed the BeClear Method through a wealth of practical experience, her background as a serial entrepreneur – launching her first company at age 23 in NYC; as well as her conflict resolution in leadership successions and her mediation activities in Northern Ireland’s notorious sectarian violence. She conducts effective customized off-sites, working with CEOs and their teams to develop strategic roadmaps ensuring results including identifying detrimental dynamics while evolving intra-group communications and creative collaboration.

Spatafora and BeClear have received acclaim from esteemed media titans such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Vogue and NBC’s Today Show. A published author, Spatafora also parlayed the BeClear Method to create and teach an innovative, well-received entrepreneurial curriculum at UCLA.  


Evolve your culture, meet your goals.

Leadership needs to become a daily habit. The BeClear Method works within organizations to evolve the whole culture toward strategic goals. We have proven over two decades that increasing self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and communication increases retention, saves money, and boosts revenue.

Why does it work? Because it is results-driven, experiential and deeply personal. Our approach seeks to align the individual with the organization to create a more efficient and satisfying everyday culture.

A virtual AI-driven incarnation of the BeClear Method is currently in development, providing access for a wide range of the talent within companies to fully realize their leadership potential while increasing job satisfaction and professional confidence.

“The BeClear method is an astonishing combination of wisdom and business grittiness that helped me see the ‘goal,’ the roadblocks I erect to those goals, and the path to my own effectiveness in the world.”

– Ralph Sutton, Director of Credit Suisse