BeClear is backed by global industry leaders

BeClear founder Denise Spatafora is renowned for her transformative, strategic work with CEOs, start-ups, VCs and private and public companies. The proven BeClear methodology ensures a leader’s and company’s success through team alignment, communication, accountability, strategic roadmapping and an invaluable outcome of frictionless culture. Spatafora’s clients include Google, Lionsgate, WSJ, Chanel, Staples, RAND & GreyCroft Venture Capital, among others.

See the powerful outcomes below from leaders across industries and verticals.

“Denise did a masterful job in facilitating the first ever offsite of a fast-growing cross border venture capital firm that has grown from a one person operation to 36 people across two markets. She helped us understand our organizational strengths and weaknesses and more importantly, helped us craft a strategy on how to institute a culture of alignment and accountability. She helped us further crystallized our commercial aspirations and assisted us in reinforcing our long term objectives. Thanks to Denise’s clarity, we learned a lot about ourselves that weekend. It was a priceless experience!” ​

Eric Manlunas, Founder & Managing Partner
Wavemaker VC
Paul Santos, Managing Partner
Wavemaker Sea, Signapore

“I hired Denise to help me design an offsite for my team focused on alignment and strategy for the next year. The experience she created was extremely productive and deeply impactful, and in the end completely exceeded my expectations. In a short period of time, Denise helped us to address long-standing roadblocks using real-time conflict resolution and offering tools for better communication that promote collaboration. We witnessed several breakthroughs both in the group dynamics and in individual leadership identity and style that will have long-standing impact on our work. Denise’s method and skilled coaching helped us to accomplish a tremendous among in a short period of time and left the entire team feeling clear, empowered and energized about the opportunities ahead. I have never seen such an effective offsite coach in any corporate environment, and I would enthusiastically recommend Denise and her approach to other companies and leaders.”

Anna Robertson
VP, Yahoo Studios & Network Video Programming

“I hired BeClear at a pivotal time in the evolution of our company. The work BeClear did with me as CEO, as well as the assessment with my top management team, helped us manage our way through that change. The experience was invaluable and lasting.” ​

Steve Hannah, President & CEO
The Onion

“Denise has a unique power to understand what makes leaders and their organizations tick and applies that understanding in ways that challenge your thinking and habits. I found her insights and the BeClear Method to really open my mind to new possibilities and it’s served me well ever since.” ​

Jay Lauf, Publisher & CEO

“Rarely have I met someone as intuitive and generous—with her time and her gifts. At some point in your life, you wake up and decide it’s time to redirect. It’s time to start asking for and getting what you need and want. When that time comes, you need a teacher, a guide, and Denise is that teacher. She walks the talk. She’s a straight shooter. She tells you what you need to hear. And you see results. The secret, it seems, is that Denise understands what to say to help you find your courage. Because that’s what she has learned to do in her own life every day.”

Lisa Ferri, Producer
The Rachel Maddow Show, MSNBC

“Miso Robotics had just gone through a management transition and was in dire need of getting the teams comfortable with brand-new executive leadership, realignment around the new goals, and a heightened sense of focus to allow each team member to achieve their individual objectives. Denise quickly achieved alignment across all stakeholders in the business and the critical path to success. Denise, and the Be Clear Method easily saved the company several months of critical time and now The team is more productive, empowered, accountable and highly motivated than they’ve ever been.”

Buck Jordan, CEO and Co-Founder
Miso Robotics

“Denise has deep insights and is amazingly clairvoyant. There is no off track with her BeClear process. Everything is relevant. She also has intellectual stamina. She can determine the mood in a room very quickly and will move to align all stakeholders. Up and down the hierarchy. I feel I know so much more about myself and where I want to go next than I ever could have discovered on my own. The investment is well worth it.”​

Guy Nohra, Co-Founder
Alta Partners VC

“Warning, this not a formula; not a fill in the blanks dogma. Using the BeClear Method teaches you to look deep inside yourself— past and present—and find your own effective solutions to the dilemmas you face. Denise Spatafora’s BeClear method is a treasure map, where YOU get to determine where the X marks the spot, showing you how to find it…but the treasure is all yours.”

John Morning
Writer & Producer

“Working with Denise was like co-writing a story in which you’re the protagonist. Denise helps show you the way to be a hero in your own story. Not only is writing the story fun, but Denise shines a light on possibilities that you didn’t think of, ways to overcome challenges that you didn’t see before and helps to open up new and novel ways to create a meaningful and fulfilling life/work path.” ​

Courtney Tuckman, Manager Internal Talent Mobility

“Denise has exceptional abilities to surface the underlying issues of people’s positions and perspectives, enabling team members to best understand each other and reach common ground. BeClear has proven extremely valuable for us and, as evidence of the value I feel she has delivered, have recommended her to well over a dozen other founders and ceos. Denise, you made me work very hard. I am forever grateful.” 

Neal Goldman, Founder
Capital IQ

“Denise is an unusually talented individual—she is a consummate professional. Denise understands that Communication is an Art. She has the masterful ability to listen and clarify your thought process, redirect and have you integrate what is true for you. This talent allows and encourages a group to interface and transmit information in a board setting, group environment and conference so that each individual is heard, challenged if necessary, without invalidation and clear resolutions are purposeful and deliberate.”

Betty Leonard, Board Member
Whittier Trust

“Working with Denise and following the BeClear Method has been transformative for our company and specifically our leadership team. She is a transformative business adviser, leadership coach, and objective masterful referee all in one who is able to cut through the BS with laser clarity. She defined a pathway to short-term and long-term success for our team and our business and pushed us to identify and achieve goals that were lofty but attainable.”

Thomas Butler, CEO
A Royal Flush

“My father and I hired Denise to work with us, both personally and in two family-owned businesses. As a result, we are far more open and comfortable expressing our thoughts, feelings and love for each other than at any time in the past, and this shift is reflected in the positive results we are feeling in our relationship and seeing in both businesses, which are thriving. Thank you for your guidance Denise.”

Zachary Julius, CEO
Professional Disposables International

“I’d sum up working with Denise and the BeClear Method in these words: Clarity, Alignment, Action and “By-When”. It’s really that simple but deeply profound and takes courage, commitment and honesty. Remaining faithful to integrating the work using the BeClear Method tools, I grew in surprising ways I never thought was possible.”

Betsy Dickey, Founder & CEO
Ready for Reading [Non-Profit], Rwanda

“Denise Spatafora is who you need to call when your organization needs focus. At a two-day workshop for the development department at the RAND corporation, she provided no-drama tools for communication among colleagues. She laid a foundation for successful collaboration and helped shape an aggressive goal-setting framework for the future. Plus, she made it all fun and entertaining – she’s truly a motivational catalyst.”

Nancy Robertson,
RAND Corporation

“Denise is a soothsayer and a visionary, all rolled up in to one neat packet of energy. Her ability like virtual radar, to cut through the surface in conversations to pinpoint the heart of the matter in any situation is uncanny and accurate. A compassion that goes back generations coupled with deep understanding of business gained from years of experience as an entrepreneur, makes Denise a national treasure.”

Eli Kuslansky, Co-Founder/CIO
Unified Field Interactive Media Company

“I met Denise Spatafora through YPO, Young Presidents Organization at an event she chaired titled: “How Much Success is Enough?” When I first started working with Denise, I was immediately struck by her ability to cut through my CEO ARMOR and provide a mirror to my daily process, giving me clear methods of self-correction that were consistent with my goals. She created a quick and tangible difference in me and my company, reinventing my companies communication channels and effectiveness. I have since asked her to revitalize my YPO Forum. She met with each member individually and designed a communication program that we will effectively utilize for years to come.”

Kevin M. O’Callaghan, Founder & President
Universal Builders Supply Inc., NYC

“Working with Denise made my job as an executive in charge of a $200Million Company that much easier. My Goal: Recalibrate a disjointed and arcane approach to sales and service delivery, harnessing our teams strengths and minimizing our weaknesses, leaving us aligned and driven. Denise did incredible “pre-work” understanding the goals, the players, issues, obstacles and objections. Despite this group of otherwise cynical and mistrusting individuals, Denise managed to gain consensus and action-oriented conversations and collaborations. Through her passion to learn, understand, teach and support, everyone was creating, participating and integrating communication tools and the strategic road map for the year. After the two-day off-site, they continued to refine the implementation of goals/ideas and three months later agreed that they not only were fully aligned but accountable and on track for all their goals.”

Mark Zamsky, CEO
Hudson Legal

“When seeking a business strategist for one of my clients, good friends guided me to Denise. My client was so thrilled with Denise’s very clear, organic and powerful method that I had to start working with her myself. Denise just “gets it”. Because each of us, in all of our complexities, weaknesses and giftedness has a special “it”. And Denise has the unique ability to authentically get to the heart of that “it”. She helps uncover new truths about ourselves some of which may have laid dormant since childhood. Her way of cutting through the nonsense and noise helps decimate the negative agreements we’ve made with ourselves and others. She helps point our hearts and minds toward the person we are truly meant to become. The process can be both painful and beautiful. For those who prefer to operate from a place of fear, she may not be the person for you. Denise is a listener, a long-lost skill in a world of noisy progress and technological clutter. Her work is aggressive but compassionate, honest yet graceful. As I once described to a friend, watching a classical musician do what they were born to do is incredibly inspiring. Watching Denise work is the same. She can create a symphony in your life if you’re willing to listen for one.” ​

Michael Albanese, Writer & Co-Founder
Element Lifestyle

“Denise and I met at one of the most pivotal moments in my career.  I had just become a first-time mom and received a major promotion at work. However, before I could fully wrap my mind around the excitement of either development, I found myself thrust into a situation where I would need to restructure the organization, redefine its mission AND chart a path forward – all while managing a complex network of stakeholders to meet some nearly impossible deadlines.  I was, overwhelmed and intimidated to say the least. Our parent company had hired Denise as an executive coach and business strategist for me – and I was, at first very skeptical of an outsider’s ability to provide any value for me or the company at a time when the stakes were so high.  I am delighted to say, I couldn’t have been more wrong.  In my first meeting with Denise she cut through all of my hang-ups and excuses and helped me to articulate the core challenge and opportunities before me, personally and professionally.  By our 3rd meeting, we had literally mapped a corporate strategy and personal vision statement – on the back of a napkin.  It’s now a 1 ½ years later and the company we carved out is striving, and has grown by every meaningful KPI (revenue, profit, employee satisfaction).  Denise was a career-saver for me and highly recommend her for anyone looking to get CLEAR and drive real results.”

Thai Randolph, EVP/General Manager
Laugh Out Loud – a Kevin Hard Company